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It’s difficult to find a job in CSR — but not impossible. Here are a few tips to get you started on finding a good fit.  Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to have a positive impact. Start right where you are! That might mean joining the green team at your office, starting a blog about your ethical consumption journey or volunteering for a local non-profit. Especially if you’re a mid-career switcher, you’ll want to demonstrate via your resume and cover letter that only do you have a sustained interest in social impact, but you’ve also taken action. Cover letters are everything! Make a case and weave a story about why you are the perfect fit for the role in question. Do your homework about the company, and maybe even offer some specific suggestions on opportunities you see and ways you can fill those gaps. Don’t just talk about how “passionate you are” about social impact; everyone is. Differentiate yourself. Look beyond in-house roles. There’s a whole ecosystem around the world of corporate social responsibility, above and beyond the companies themselves. There are tons of consultancies, non-profits, conveners, multi-stakeholder initiatives and think-tanks working with companies to drive systemic change — these will give you exposure to a range of companies, and they often have more entry-level roles available than companies (which tend to hire people with more experience and/or graduate degrees).  And now a question for you.  If you're working in CSR, are there any tips that helped you get where you are?  
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