Hiring For Social Impact? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Manage This New Normal

Hiring For Social Impact? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Manage This New Normal

It’s no secret that we love helping Reconsidered’s talented community of social impact professionals find top corporate social responsibility, sustainability and impact jobs through Reconsidered Jobs, our LinkedIn community and our virtual events. But we want our community of employers using Reconsidered Jobs to find the best and brightest social impact pros to know we’re here for you as well. 

We polled our employer community to find out what’s top of mind for you these days. Here’s what you told us, along with tips and resources for navigating hiring and employee support during this crisis:

Streamlining the virtual process

Still hiring during the pandemic? Chances are, your inbox has been flooded. Our employers suggested a few strategies for creatively managing the influx of applicants. 

First, make sure your job descriptions are very specific — the more you can share about the role upfront, the more likely you are to find a great match. Be realistic about the requirements of the role. If your organization, like many social impact employers, has a clearly defined mission statement and set of values, be sure they’re clearly incorporated into your job description, and consider asking candidates to reflect on their commitment to that mission in their application.

Secondly, consider ways to streamline your process, such as by adding additional screening questions to the application, or by removing “easy apply” features that allow candidates to apply using an Indeed or LinkedIn profile without any additional steps. You might also incorporate a “skills test” to assess applicants’ capabilities before committing to an interview. 

Finally, consider leveraging niche-specific jobs boards to reach targeted communities of professionals perfect for your role. You’ll reach a more curated audience than the traditional LinkedIn or Indeed route, which will yield more serious candidates who are potentially a better fit. Of course, if you’re trying to connect with top professionals in sustainability, social impact and CSR, there’s no better place than Reconsidered Jobs (we may be biased, but our community is pretty fantastic). 

Finding a great fit from a distance

Employers report that the interview process is changing too. While most employers prefer meeting candidates in person, that’s obviously a bit more challenging during times of social distancing and quarantine. Companies have to strike a balance between making sure teams are excited about candidates and managing what’s reasonable to expect from candidates. 

Consider adjusting the typical interviewing schedule to allow the candidate to meet with more members of the team, or including an activity or other role-playing exercise that will allow the candidate — and your team — to assess that all-important mission alignment (this article shares a nice framework for that). You should also share your organization’s expectations and values with potential employees, perhaps by painting a picture of your organization’s culture or a typical week on your website.

And finally, be realistic about your team’s capacities — if you know that you won’t be flying candidates in for visits, indicate that you’re limiting your search to a specific geographic area in the job description. Clarity upfront can make the process easier for everyone. 

Getting creative with onboarding

Several employers reported that onboarding new staff while working from home has been more challenging than they thought. If your team is not usually distributed, it can be extra challenging to bring a new staff member into the mix and make sure they get adjusted well. 

Help new employees out by pre-scheduling 1:1 conversations with key members of the team before their first day, and make sure they have a staff directory or org chart so they can get a good understanding of how all the pieces come together. We also love the tips in this Fast Company article on how to make virtual onboarding a success. 

Lastly, help the new employee’s manager develop some quick win projects for the employee to complete in those crucial first few weeks — early success gets everyone off to a great start. 

We know recruiting right now is full of uncertainty. But with a global pandemic on our hands and a sure recession in our future, it’s even more important that organizations have the right people in place to make sure their role in the post-COVID-19 economy is purposeful and impactful. 


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