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Sustainability Career Tips: Keoki Kakigi, Sustainability & Engineering Manager, Golden State Warriors

At Reconsidered, we work at the intersection of business and social impact. From time to time, we profile fascinating people working across the social impact space through our 3 Questions series. We’ve excerpted a few of their sustainability career tips here.

Keoki Kakigi is the Sustainability & Engineering Manager for the Golden State Warriors and Chase Center in San Francisco. A native of Guam, Keoki has built his career around the intersection of sports and sustainability and explains how his personal experiences have informed his professional work in impact. 

On getting his first internship in sustainability…

“It was really through happy happenstance when I was in graduate school, getting my Masters in Green Technologies at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering. The homepage when I logged into my school account had an online job board posting about a Disney Professional Internship within Corporate Citizenship – Environmental Assessments. I ignored the post for a month, and it was only on a later vacation in Amsterdam that I gave the company a second look and realized the full scope and impact of what I would be doing. I applied from overseas, got the job and learned everything I know now about utilizing data science to measure environmental and social impact across the globe.” 

On choosing to get degrees in science and engineering… 

“I truly thank my scientific background for the success I’ve experienced today, and I always advise people to either learn from or involve people who know how to tell stories with data on their projects. It’s one thing to start or manage a program, but it’s a totally different thing to be able to say you made an empirical impact, especially when making a business case to your upper management team.”

On the future of sustainability and sports…

“The intersection of sports and sustainability is currently in its third phase. Phase 1 focused on venue sustainability, mainly through LEED certification. Phase 2 focused on extending the boundaries outside the lines of the arena and making a positive community impact. And now phase 3 – empowering those who do not have the resources to fight climate change, especially those most affected by it – is starting to catch on as a legitimate course of action for teams to undertake.”

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