Want To Work In CSR? This Is One Skillset You’ll Want To Build Up

Want To Work In CSR? This Is One Skillset You’ll Want To Build Up

In this rapidly changing world, the role of the corporate social responsibility practitioner is shifting. Teams are being called on to educate, empower and equip people across the business to own the sustainability agenda. They need to spark culture change, create internal movements and build consensus among people who don’t usually agree with each other. They need to persuade, nudge and influence people to change the very way they approach their jobs.

The job description is changing — from program manager to change agent.

This shift requires a whole new toolkit of skills. It’s not enough to focus on a rational business case for sustainability — social responsibility practitioners must also layer on a clear understanding of how people change. 

We captured insights from months of research and conversations with leading behavioral researchers and social responsibility practitioners into Making Change Sustainable — a short (and free!) playbook for CSR practitioners exploring how the latest behavioral science research can supercharge corporate social responsibility strategy. 

Download the playbook here

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