Gone Rural Eswatini

Gone Rural is a social enterprise creating economic and social empowerment for over 780 women in Eswatini's rural areas. Through the medium of handcraft, Gone Rural provides home-based sustainable income and skills training for 13 producer groups all over the country. The products combine tradition with innovation to create contemporary, natural home accessories and bold statement pieces. With a commitment to sustainable social responsibility and Fair Trade Principles, Gone Rural is a successful business model that empowers rural women beyond the artisan.


Gone Rural's leadership continually develops and refines a detailed strategy to achieve the social objectives of its innovative business model. In partnership with boMake Rural Projects - Gone Rural's sister NGO - a capable and motivated team creates sustainable and meaningful empowerment. Further, Gone Rural sells to hundreds of wholesale and retail customers worldwide, and is committed to growing its sales base and volume in order to generate more income for rural women. As a leader in the social enterprise and handcraft sectors, Gone Rural ignites change and development for women, families and communities