The Nice Center at North Dakota State University

Entrepreneurship for All

The Nice Center at North Dakota State University is an entrepreneurship center that helps students, faculty, and community members across North Dakota move their ideas into action.   

The world faces myriad challenges, but who is better to confront these challenges than the university? With our breadth and depth of knowledge across healthcare, business, education, transportation, supply chains, manufacturing, and more, we are the diverse expert our state and the world needs. We need to summon the courage to create the future instead of waiting to see what emerges.

We have noted for the past weeks that COVID-19 is not changing the world as much as it is speeding it up. Many of the changes in education, healthcare, business, and more, have been underway for years or decades. Now they’re here.

Over the past month, The Nice Center has helped over 70 businesses in our state create digital storefronts to weather the pandemic. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is needed.

We believe that now is the time to run. We’re looking for someone ready to run with us.