Netweaver Network

The Netweaver Network brings the world’s leading learning network managers – or netweavers - together to create a lively co-learning community that advances the science and practice of trans-formative learning networks. We accomplish this by providing netweavers with opportunities to learn from their peers who share their passion, and providing research and training to those interested in adopting netweaving practice.

The Transformations in Practice community is a generative space and a catalysing force for sustainability research and practice. Our global community of transformation “pracademics” (both practitioner and researcher) is responding to growing recognition that traditional environmental management cannot address climate change and other existential threats to social and ecological systems. Over the past eight years, our community has convened conferences in (Oslo Norway 2013, Stockholm Sweden 2015, Dundee Scotland 2017, and Santiago Chile 2019) where we have held creative conversations and workshops to advance transformation in practice. We plan to meet in Barcelona in 2021 and are taking our community online during the Covid crisis.