Shared Value Project HK

Shared Value Project Hong Kong is a non-profit membership organisation funded by leading corporations to act as a catalyst for Shared Value in the Greater Bay Area. Creating Shared Value – as defined by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer in their influential Harvard Business Review article – is a business strategy that creates competitive advantage by aligning profit and purpose.

As part of the global Shared Value network, we help our members future-proof their business by

fostering trust with society while unlocking the next pocket of growth. By leveraging our tri-sector network, organisations can create profitable business models addressing unmet community needs.

Join our dynamic team to promote innovative business models for societal impact

You will be a key member of a dynamic, resourceful team dedicated to driving Shared Value in the region. Be part of an exciting and expanding global movement as companies such as Accenture, Barclays, Nestlé and AXA seek to embed societal impact in their core business.