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Director of Black Power

About Bowers Consulting Firm

Founded in 2015, Bowers Consulting Firm is a fully-integrated strategic advisory, data, communications and political consulting firm. Our mission is to support progressive causes and campaigns that are tackling some of the biggest political challenges––domestic and international––facing society today. We have played lead roles in national campaigns to reform education for low-income and working class Black families; statewide legislative campaigns such as California's 2016 referendum to legalize marijuana; and local campaigns such as Measure R in Los Angeles, where we took on the world’s largest jail system and most corrupt sheriff’s department and won. Since our inception five years ago we have managed 10+ electoral campaigns, consulted for 20+ organizations, and led 5+ issue-based advocacy campaigns.

Bowers Consulting Firm approaches each campaign with one key principle: the phrase “it's always been done this way” is a detrimental saying, and one of the greatest obstacles to creating real change. We place a premium on building innovative strategies that best serve our clients––and we are always on the right side of history.

Do you want to join a team that is changing the social and political landscape in and for America and our world? Do you want to become a critical part of the largest, most diverse civil rights movement in history while working alongside organizations like Black Lives Matter? Are you a creative, adaptable problem-solver and solution-builder ready to tackle the most important issues of our lifetime?

About the Role

This position is full-time and exempt. You will report to and work directly alongside Christman Bowers, the Founder and President, and will be expected to build and manage a team of  people for our growing Black Power department.

As the Director of Black Power, you will be responsible for managing the clients and campaigns in our Black Lives Matter portfolio. This involves leading a holistic strategy––from outreach to digital and communications efforts. You will lead day-to-day operations, be the external spokesperson for our firm around our Black Lives Matter portfolio and positions, and be the point person for all client needs. You will provide high-impact expertise and advance the development of our clients’ campaigns, all with the explicit purpose, mission and vision of liberating Black people.


Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategizing for and managing all clients and campaigns related to Black freedom
  • Crafting strategic, financial and communications plans for BLM-related initiatives
  • Scoping, planning and overseeing implementation client-facing programs and projects
  • Developing reports, memos, and other deliverables as required by clients
  • Serving as the primary point of contact for key vendors, contractors and stakeholders

Desired Qualifications

  • Seven (7) or more years of political, strategy, policy/legislative, public interest and/or management consulting experience required
  • Extensive experience working with Black organizations and leaders required
  • Dedication to the freedom and advancement of Black people required
  • Strong ties to progressive institutions required
  • Experience with quantitative materials (data, statistics, mathematical models) preferred
  • Curious and willing to research and constantly learn
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Expert at utilizing targeted campaign tactics and integrated communication strategies 
  • Extensive experience drafting crisis and/or rapid-response communications 
  • Previous experience working with and managing a portfolio of consultants and vendors
  • Proven ability to manage and stay within existing budgets
  • Willing and able to travel, COVID-19 permitting
  • Willing to have fun while doing the work!

To apply, please submit your resume, a cover letter and three (3) references to Applications submitted without appendices will not receive a reply.


  • Base salary starting at $100,000/year, commensurate with experience
  • Competitive benefits package including health, vision and dental insurance
  • 401K company match program
  • Unlimited PTO

Hiring Practices

Bowers Consulting Firm prohibits discrimination of employment, promotion, compensation, terms, conditions or priviledges of emplyoment on the basis of gender, disability, race, ethnicity, age, national origin, color, creed or sexual orientation, marital or  parental status, veteran’s status or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. Bowers Consulting Firm is an equal opportunity employer and will comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in employment. 

Our equal opportunity policy covers all programs, services, policies and procedures of Bowers Consulting Firm, including opportunity for employment and treatment as an employee as well as independent contractors engaged by our organization.