Obakki is a lifestyle brand that is focused on creating a more conscious world through the act of intentional living. We feel it’s important to both understand and respect the process that goes into creating the objects that we decide to include in our lives – we’re attracted to slow design, not fast consumption.

We believe there is a community of conscious-minded consumers out there who want more from the brands they choose to support. From apparel to home goods, all of our Obakki products are thoughtfully designed and ethically made, and every item purchased makes a tangible social impact. Our hands-on approach with the production process means that we can trace each product from concept to completion, ensuring that the highest level of sustainability is maintained.

Obakki was founded in 2005 by Treana Peake. Based in Vancouver, the label is an extension of Peake: as an avid traveller and leading humanitarian, Peake’s inspirations are driven by her philanthropic work done in the field, creating special and versatile products that connect our customers to a real story. Treana herself meets with each of our artisan partners, fostering genuine relationships around the globe to ensure that the highest levels of dignity, respect and social responsibility are upheld as we work with these vital communities.

The true heart of the brand is the Obakki Foundation – our philanthropic counterpart and a registered charity that focuses on providing clean water and livelihood initiatives in Africa. Obakki absorbs all of the administrative fees for the charity, allowing 100% of the Obakki Foundation’s public donations to go directly toward our humanitarian projects.

Our goal is to provide you with access to products that are driven by purpose, but also the opportunity to contribute to meaningful change.

Welcome to the world of Obakki.