About Circos

Circos is an online shop where you rent high-quality design clothes for children from newborn up to 2-3 years and maternity wear that fit your taste, need, and budget.

Order items you love from a selection of brands, enjoy them while they fit. You pay monthly for the kind and number of clothes that you’re using at that moment. When it is time for the next size or style, just return the items and select your next favourites - you swap whenever it suits you best. It's that easy!

We are a small team based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where our headquarters and warehouse is based. Circos is right at the heart of the sharing economy and circular fashion movement. We are a go-to for purpose-driven brands because we’re in it for the lifetime of their product. We provide feedback to our brand partners so they can get better, too. Like us, they’re in this for the life of the product, not just the one-off sale. Win-win-win.

Our Story

Today, only 15% of all clothing is recycled or donated, at Circos, we believe children’s and maternity clothing can change that. Globally, we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year. 95% of which could be reused or recycled. While fast-fashion clothing brands and irresponsible consumer purchases are responsible for a majority of textile waste, children’s clothing creates a significant amount of waste as well. Did you know?

On average, parents use 280 pieces of child’s clothing in the first 2 years after their child is born. Whether it’s gifts from family and friends, or your own inability to resist cute baby clothes, that’s a lot of baby clothes. When shopping for children, we often don’t think of the greater impact; but since most child’s clothes are only worn for a maximum of 2 or 3 months, the impact of children’s clothing in landfills is astounding.

The fashion industry alone is the world's second most polluting one. In total, the fashion industry contributes 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to long supply chains and energy-intensive production. Is the damage we are causing our planet by overconsumption of clothing worth jeopardizing our children’s future?

Founded in 2019, Circos was born out of the passion for a more sustainable alternative to purchasing children and maternity clothing. We felt the phases of pregnancy and fast-growing children call for a solution that ensures high-quality products are used to the fullest potential before becoming waste.

Therefore, we decided to partner with major brands such as adidas, Patagonia, and offer our own brand, Vigga, to deliver clothing options that won’t negatively impact your baby’s style or wallet. These brands share the same vision we do, and with a Circos subscription, you can enjoy the clothes at up to 80% lower carbon footprint than when you buy them and at a fraction of the store price.

Why not save some money and the planet by renting only what you need, when you need it? One Circos member monthly saves 6 kilograms of CO2, 242 liters of water, and 0,3 kilograms of cotton. That means that utilising Circos for one year alone could save 72 kilograms of CO2, 2,904 liters of water, and 3.6 kilograms of cotton.