rePlant Capital

rePlant Capital is a financial services firm ambitiously determined to reverse climate change through the deployment of a series of proprietary funds focused on U.S. farmers and their transition to regenerative and organic agriculture.

The firm is currently raising its foundational Soil Fund, an evergreen private debt fund aiming to deploy $2 billion by 2030. Through innovative transition financing, the Soil Fund scales and accelerates the adoption of farming practices that improve soil health and farmer profitability.

rePlant Capital Remote
Apr 15, 2021
Experienced (8+ years)
rePlant Capital is expanding its team through the addition of a Director of Strategic Partnerships to cultivate and to manage key partnerships with organizations which are converting their supply chains to regenerative and organic practices. rePlant has engaged with an increasing number of diverse and visionary partners, including large multinational food corporations, regionally-focused community organizations, agricultural technical assistance providers, and environmental nonprofits.  As the Director of Strategic Partnerships, you will drive the development and lead the management of our dozens of existing and future partners. Reporting to the CEO, and working closely with the executive team, you will be responsible for identifying solutions based on needs and partnership opportunities. rePlant is based in Boulder, CO, though many team members work remotely.   Responsibilities   Own the overall success of rePlant’s partnerships and lead a team responsible for...