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Ragnarson Sp. z o. o. Remote (Łódź, Poland)
Apr 12, 2021
Early Career (0-3 years)
A surprisingly high number of people receive infrequent or no feedback from their peers and supervisors.  This leads to slower personal development. Instead of getting highly contextualized advice from more experienced team members, you spend more time figuring out almost everything on your own. At this stage of your career - when you are hungry for knowledge and further development of your skills - progressing fast makes all the difference in the long run. This is why you need tight feedback loops. It happens at different levels of abstraction during daily reviews of your pull requests, weekly sprints , monthly one-on-ones , and biannual 360 feedback sessions. When the feedback comes from more experienced developers, it’s even more valuable. At Ragnarson , we have it all in place, together with the following challenges to help you make the next big leap. Challenges to tackle: Building applications from scratch and planning them...