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Rhia Ventures’ mission is to create a vibrant US market for sexual, reproductive, and maternal health that produces equitable outcomes for all. Rhia strives to address the barriers to equitable outcomes by deeply understanding the needs of low- income women and women of color, using market-based forces, and collaborating with diverse stakeholders through the following strategies: direct investment via our impact venture funds; technical assistance to the funds' portfolio companies; market-level research; field level engagement; and Shareholder advocacy and direct corporate engagement.

Rhia Ventures Remote
Apr 22, 2021
Mid-Career (3-8 years)
The Corporate Engagement Program (which encompasses our shareholder advocacy work) aims to influence the business community to support reproductive healthcare, rights, and justice in four areas of corporate activity: insurance, benefits, public policy positions, and political spending. Our shareholder advocacy program facilitates engagement between investors and the management of publicly traded corporations to advance this agenda. We also produce research and publications aimed at companies, investors, and policymakers, such as  Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health ,  blogs, op-eds, and other materials. To date, the program has advanced its goals largely by working in collaboration with a network of institutional investors and through our research and publications. This program is expanding to bring our business case for reproductive and maternal health directly to state and federal policymakers as well. THE ROLE: The Senior Associate will report...