Education Outcomes Fund


There are few greater challenges faced by the global community than the learning crisis. Worldwide there are around 250M children that are out of school and a further 330M who are in school but are failing to learn the basics. If present trends continue, this will increase to half of the world’s 1.6B children and youth that will be failing to learn by 2030, and Africa and the Middle East will be home to most of them. 


In response, The Education Commission and The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment came together in late 2017 to establish the Education Outcomes Fund for Africa and the Middle East (‘EOF’) under the chairmanship of Gordon Brown and Sir Ronald Cohen. EOF aims to support governments to improve education and youth employment by paying for results delivered by NGOs and social entrepreneurs. By shifting the focus on to outcomes (such as improvements in learning or people moving into employment), we will enable context-specific solutions      that create sustainable improvements. 


We have engaged stakeholders across government, philanthropy, civil society and the private sector to help refine our approach. We are now preparing to launch our first program; this will improve the access and quality of education to over 200K children in the rural north of Ghana. We are now planning our next round of programs - these will include skills training for work, primary education and early childhood education.