Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Secretariat (OFCS)

  • Gurgaon, Haryana, India

The Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Secretariat (OFCS) is a multi-stakeholder convening platform that was instituted in 2014 with the purpose of deepening engagement with the regional and national sectoral partners and policy-making authorities with the objective of mainstreaming organic cotton production.

The working group consists of diverse stakeholders in the organic cotton sector, such as farm groups, certification agencies, supply chain actors such as seed companies, ginners, and spinning mills, research and academic institutions, brands, and retailers. It creates space for stakeholders from across the value chain of organic cotton to deliberate on the challenges and opportunities for the sector, and to collaborate and take collective action for a thriving organic cotton sector.

OFCS was set up by the C&A Foundation, which is a corporate foundation affiliated to a global retailer, C&A. It was established to help spark the change that will fundamentally transform the fashion industry. The Sustainable Raw Materials programme of the foundation is working towards improving the livelihood of smallholder cotton farmers and conserving the environment by promoting sustainable cotton production. The three key pillars of the programme are farmer capacity building, industry & sector level initiatives, and influencing government policy through building partnerships with governments.

OFCS partners include, amongst others, Action for Social Advancement, WWF India, Aga Khan Foundation, Solidaridad Asia. With its growing mission and scale, OFCS is now looking for a Facilitator to support its activities and developments.