Our Guidelines


Reconsidered Jobs brings together the best job opportunities in social impact, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Our community trusts us to surface exciting jobs that have a real impact. As a result, Reconsidered Jobs reserves the right to curate the listings that appear on the site.

Reconsidered Jobs encourages listings that meet all or some of the following criteria:

  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability-specific roles at startups, scale-ups and major corporations
  • Roles at businesses that have made a demonstrated commitment to positive impact via their legal structure (i.e. benefit corporation or social enterprise), third-party certification (i.e. B Corp) or business model (i.e. circularity or meaningful giveback)
  • Roles at consultancies and creative agencies specializing in corporate social responsibility, social impact and sustainability
  • Roles at nonprofits, think tanks, and international organizations focused on sustainability, business, innovation, entrepreneurship, and market-based approaches to positive social change

Reconsidered Jobs reserves the right to reject job listings that do not meet these criteria. While we are optimistic believers that any sector has the potential to change, we are cautious and will give extra consideration to opportunities that are politically partisan; in controversial industries (e.g., firearms, tobacco, chemicals); or are otherwise misaligned with Reconsidered Jobs' brand and mission, as judged by Reconsidered. 

If a job is submitted and rejected for any of the above reasons, Reconsidered will refund the submission fee within 10 business days, if applicable. 

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us