Chief of Staff

  • Remote
  • Nov 04, 2020
Mid-Career (3-8 years) Administrative Business Development/Sales Culture/D&I/Talent Marketing/Communications Operations Partnerships Project/Program Management Strategy Agriculture/Food

Job Description

Passionate about global nutrition? Worried about the effects on our climate due to animal agriculture? Ready to put your skills to the test to create positive change in the world?

Us to!

We are looking for a Chief of Staff to join our team in Durham, North Carolina! You will be working closely with our CEO and Co-founder, Michelle, unlocking the team’s capacity. This role will be a major player in our growth trajectory, so you must be inherently resourceful, excited to try anything and everything, and be comfortable facing ambiguity head-on! You will be a touchpoint externally and internally, so love for communication and strategic thinking are essential.

You are a natural leader

  • As a utility player, you can mold into the gaps of the team and work toward our common goals, ego-free, with the knowledge that we all win as one team. 
  • You enjoy providing guidance and mentorship, developing and encouraging teammates to take on new challenges, and synthesizing your own key learnings for others.
  • As a liaison between BIOMILQ and the outside world, you are a proven clear collaborator that builds external partnerships and fosters champion-building. 
  • With an EQ & DQ that would make Brené Brown proud, your culture-building skills can’t be beaten. You strive to set cultural standards of inclusivity, honesty, bravery, authenticity, & consciousness of others. 
  • You are a clear communicator with a knack for delivery adjustment for the audience. You can express yourself perfectly one on one as well as in a large hall. You cut through the jargon to true content and meaning.

You are a cross-functional powerhouse

  • You’re comfortable working hand in hand with CSO & CEO to develop everything from media relations and comms strategy to office and lab operations.
  • You may not be an expert in our technology, but you can explain and engage and learn about our process and behind the scenes projects with ease.
  • As our headcount grows, you are ready to guide hiring searches, vet candidates, and assist in onboarding our new teammates.
  • You are a Jack-of-all-trades that can take on many tasks outside of your wheelhouse and you are not afraid to learn in public with the team. 
  • You listen just as well as you contribute. Compassion and curiosity for your teammate’s projects, and our consumers will serve you well. 

You are an organizational guru

  • With a keen eye for operational efficiency, you are able to identify areas for system improvement, create templates and protocols, and draft guidelines all within a tight timeframe.  
  • You are a rapid-fire note taker and you don’t miss a beat. Always on it sending meeting debriefs, notes, and any materials that can connect the team on what is happening throughout the organization. 
  • You can scope a project, build timelines, assess resources, set success criteria, and manage all of the day-to-day activities to succeed on timeline and budget, regardless of your expertise in the project itself. 
  • You thrive with personal autonomy and have a penchant for problem-solving. You are quick to identify gaps and step in to anticipate what is needed. 
  • You are all about productivity and leveraging everyone’s skills to the benefit of the common goal. You know how everyone ticks and how to motivate them. 

You Fit us to a ‘B’:  

  • We put our passion for moms and babies at the center of everything we do. You have to be passionate about our mission for women’s health, infant nutrition, and sustainability to thrive with our team at BIOMILQ.
  • We need someone with a BS/BA + 5+ years’ experience in project management-type roles (biz-ops, consulting, finance, engineering, science). An advanced degree path preferred (MBA, MPH, JD, Ph.D.), but not required.
  • This role is full-time and hands-on. We intend for you to grow along with BIOMILQ and take on a more advanced role with mentorship from C-Suite level teammates in the future.
  • You must be willing to relocate to Durham, NC in 2021, even if we are remote for part of the year.