Clinical Landscape Student Associate

  • Remote (Durham, NC, USA)
  • Apr 08, 2021
Internship Engineering/Technical Product Development/Supply Chain Research Strategy Sustainability Agriculture/Food Consumer Products Manufacturing Social Enterprise

Job Description

BIOMILQ is developing technology to make breastmilk outside the body, produced from mammary cells. We’re making the future of feeding fearless, and 100% human by offering families a new option for supplemental feeding — one that’s as close to breastmilk as possible and cultivated under safe conditions using our first-of-its-kind technology.

Our provisional patent-pending process leverages the unique biological properties of milk-producing mammary epithelial cells combined with bioreactor technology developed to collect secreted cellular products. The high-density, 3-dimensional system provides similar structural features as the mammary gland, creating the appropriate environment for the cells to reproduce their biological function of milk production, outside of the body. Our process enables us to produce milk that requires no downstream separation, concentration, or intensive thermal processing so we can retain all 2500+ molecules of milk in the perfect constellation for bioavailability and digestibility in infants.

This role does not require in-person work.  

Application deadline: April 25, 2021.

You are a technical leader

  • You have conducted experimental research or project design involving at least one or more of the following: cell culture, biological and biochemical assays, small-scale engineering design, statistical analysis, coding for life sciences, literature review
  • You are comfortable performing critical analyses and interpreting data for actionable decision-making that impacts the greater company
  • As a life-long learner you keep a pulse on current relevant scientific literature and innovation within your field
  • You like to move fast, but are able to maintain meticulous record-keeping

You are a cross-functional powerhouse

  • You enjoy working closely with teammates to complete deliverables of a caliber to be used in funding applications, investor updates, and publications
  • You thrive when your input for scientific strategic skills is leveraged, is actively engaging in regular scientific, and broader all-hands team meetings 
  • You have an innate ability to articulate complex topics to a scientific audience as easily as your own family

You love tackling challenging problems with a team

  • You believe in our mission of working towards better infant nutrition, women's health, and sustainability
  • As a conscientious teammate you're curious to learn from co-workers and share your personal passions
  • You enjoy working collaboratively with a broad and diverse team and stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • You're naturally inclined to think critically and creatively to work through murky problems with limited resources
  • Ambiguity is your jam and you're able to strive ahead without direction
  • You hold yourself and others to the utmost ethical standards in all scientific and professional endeavors

Qualifications & Preferred Experience

  • Education 
    • Rising graduate student pursuing research related to clinical immunology or endocrinology, clinical science, translational medicine, drug discovery, biostatistics, or another applicable stem field 
  • Preferred experience with independent hypothesis generation, experimental design, implementation, and analysis
  • College-level coursework in mammalian cell biology, including 3D cell culture and principles of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • Understanding of “bench-to-bedside” translational medicine and approaches for identifying and developing clinical applications of basic research
  • Preferred knowledge of biological manufacturing processes, such as monoclonal antibody production, recombinant protein production, and bioreactor design and scale-up 
  • Familiarity with statistical analysis methods and software
  • Grant-writing or medical communications experience for pharmaceutical or other industrial applications
  • Comfort with landscape analysis, taking scientific opportunities, and translating them to business potential 

Benefits and Compensation

  • Preference is given to local students (no relocation assistance provided)
  • Must be comfortable with some in-person contact as needed
  • Expected to work 40 hours per week with one week vacation (July 3-11)
  • Paid summer stipend commensurate to experience: $6500-10,000
  • Guaranteed mentorship with C-suite leaders committed to developing your professional skills
  • Assurance that your contributions support and advance BIOMILQ’s strategic imperatives 
  • Starting with a cohort of student associates with frequent group meetings and experiential learning