• Virtuous Circle
  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • Oct 29, 2019
Mid-Career (3-8 years) Administrative Business Development/Sales CSR/Sustainability Culture/D&I/Talent Operations Partnerships Project/Program Management Research Strategy Non-Profit/Philanthropy Other

Job Description

Job Description: Director


Can business be a force for good?  Can the private sector ignite the spirit of service in society?  Can a business have outstanding success from a financial perspective by dedicating time, talent and financial resources to a social cause?


If you believe that the answer to these questions is yes, then this interests you.


Virtuous Circle is looking for a Director to join our Chicago-based team, to work directly with our CEO.


Virtuous Circle is a young company - launching operationally in January 2020 - that builds on the synergy of its multifaceted team of business, CSR and nonprofit leaders and founders.  We bring our experience together to build Signature Social Impact Programs that generate meaningful social impact and grow the business of our client companies.  We believe that a virtuous circle can be designed and built between meaningful service and business growth, and that purpose in business is increasing rapidly in importance, especially to younger generations.


We know that individuals have causes that speak to them - causes that they want to align with.  We also believe that a business can have a cause that is naturally aligned with the business’ core focus.  A Signature Social Impact Program harnesses that cause and that passion, allowing the team to use their skills, their work and their talent to tackle a pressing social issue together with their employer.  We have seen how this can lead to exponential growth on the social impact end, while also renewing employee passion, strengthening teams, developing leadership skills and increasing consumer confidence on the business end.


The day-to-day responsibilities as Director will be:

  • Engaging directly with companies and private equity firms to creatively construct company-specific Signature Social Impact Programs naturally aligned with their core business
  • Assessing stakeholder interests and research of aligned causes
  • Engaging company volunteer ‘champions’ to inspire a business-wide movement
  • Company specific analysis of the benefits and risks of different delivery models (partnership, collaboration, etc.) and financial management models (corporate foundations, third party nonprofits, etc.)
  • Active involvement in all stages of the engagement, from executive engagement through ideation, design, construction, launch and management of the Signature Social Impact Program
  • Working with client companies to integrate and align their Signature Social Impact Program and to allow for organic growth throughout business workstreams


We are looking for someone who is:

  • Passionate - for meaningful service and social impact. Someone who wants to inspire a movement for meaningful service in the world
  • Creative - can locate and cultivate the space of complementarity between business goals and social impact, designing new Signature Social Impact Programs from scratch across all industry sectors
  • Inspiring - can show people and businesses that the skills that they use every day can be leveraged for tremendous good, motivating them to get on board
  • Motivated and wants to learn as we build this company and this engine for social impact together with our business, CSR and nonprofit leaders
  • Open to new ideas as we challenge the worlds of business and social impact to come together for mutual benefit


Required skills and education:

  • University degree (preferably MBA)
  • Minimum five years working in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Experience in impact measurement
  • Proficiency in Microsoft packages including Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written


Virtuous Circle is a small team and the company is in early stages but growing fast, with exceptional business and nonprofit experience contributed by its founding members.  Energetic, passionate, joyful and professional engagement is expected as we begin to harness the power and efficiency of business as well as the passion and urgency of social causes.  Managing multiple company engagements across diverse industry sectors requires flexibility, focus and a nimble, creative mind.  Must be a team player with a passion for starting something new with a team of professionals accustomed to the efficiency of the big leagues in business and the passion and rewards of results-based, innovative social impact.


To apply please send your CV and a short cover letter to

PLEASE NOTE we can only consider applications from candidates who hold the right to work in the USA.