eBay — Social Impact Manager UK

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  • London, UK
  • Jan 09, 2020
Mid-Career (3-8 years) Tech CSR/Sustainability

Job Description

We are founded on the principle that “people are basically good.” We maintain a deep commitment to our social impact - it’s how we bring our purpose to life. Social impact for the UK has two main areas: opportunity for all and eBay for charity. These focus areas are embedded in how we think and operate, and in how we engage the world. We pursue our goals by working closely with business partners to embed social impact in our operations, products and processes. Engaging internally to develop action and advocacy. Building economic opportunity for people and communities around the world and enabling charitable giving. This opening requires a creative strategist that will serve as an ongoing consultant/advisor. A catalyst and early stage manager for new programs and initiatives that meet our objectives and advance our reputation as a leader in driving positive change.