KFC UK & Ireland — Head Of Sustainability

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  • Woking, UK
  • Feb 03, 2020
Experienced (8+ years) Agriculture/Food CSR/Sustainability

Job Description

Welcome to Kentucky Fried Chicken, made by hand, served with pride, eaten at the same table. We’re a people business that happens to sell chicken and chips. Starting with our founder Colonel Harland Sanders’ philosophy, when it comes to making our world-famous Original Recipe chicken, we believe there is a right way to do things. It isn’t always easier, but it is always better. There’s no doubt about that and we’re proud of it. We’re spirited and driven. We believe in hard work that makes an impact, a famous recognition culture that celebrates everyone and we try to not to take ourselves too seriously. You don’t need us to tell you how important sustainability is. You’ve been working in this space for several years and are passionate about embedding responsibility and sustainability into a business’s DNA. We are looking for someone to help us to drive this agenda within KFC in the UK & Ireland, and to deliver some real tangible, practical change in our business. The pace of change externally, not to mention the raft of legislation from Westminster, means that this space has never been higher up the agenda of our business, or of greater concern to our customers and stakeholders...