Cell & Tissue Engineer

  • Triangle, NC, USA
  • Jun 19, 2020
Mid-Career (3-8 years) Engineering/Technical Product Development/Supply Chain Research Strategy Agriculture/Food Consumer Products Manufacturing Tech

Job Description

Passionate about global nutrition? Worried about the effects on our climate due to animal agriculture? Ready to put your technical skills to create positive change in the world?

 Us too!

We are looking for a PhD level scientist to join our team in Durham, North Carolina

You are a technical leader

  • Conduct experimental research involving mammalian cell culture in multiple formats, biological and biochemical assays, and microscopic analysis.
  • Perform critical analyses and interpret data for actionable decision-making that impacts the greater company. 
  • As a life-long learner we rely on you to keep a pulse on current relevant scientific literature and advancement to share back with the broader team
  • We are moving fast and need meticulous record-keeping and diligence in our scientific process which you will help safe-guard.

You are a cross-functional powerhouse

  • Work hand in hand with CSO & CEO to develop written materials for funding applications, investor updates, and publishable works
  • As a close-knit team your input for scientific strategy is invaluable and you actively engage in regular scientific and broader all-hands team meetings 
  • You have an innate ability to articulate complex topics to a scientific audience as well as your business team

You love tackling challenging problems with a team

  • You believe in our mission of working towards better infant nutrition, women's health, and sustainability
  • As a conscientious teammate you're curious to learn from co-workers and share your personal passions
  • You enjoy working collaboratively with a broad and diverse team and stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • You're naturally inclined to think critically and creatively to work through murky problems
  • Ambiguity is your jam and you're able to strive ahead without direction
  • You hold yourself and others to the upmost ethical standards in all scientific and professional endeavors

Qualifications & Preferred Experience

  • PhD in molecular, cell, or developmental biology, tissue engineering, or similar, or Master’s degree +3 years hands-on research experience
  • Background knowledge of cell physiology and behavior and/or previous experience with cell-based manufacturing, including 3-dimensional tissue culture experience, understanding of cell culture scale-up and/or bioprocess and bioreactor design considerations
  • Extensive experience with mammalian cell culture and cell line generation, preferred with adherent cell types
  • Previous experience or exposure to recombinant DNA technology and molecular biology, including vector design
  • Experience with basic biochemistry techniques, including electrophoresis and immunodetection methods
  • Expertise with biological assay development and validation
  • Experience with biological specimen preparation, including histology, flow cytometry, and basic light microscopy